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The Westphalia DataLab

We are a start-up founded in autumn 2017 by a team around Professor Dr. Reiner Kurzhals, Cornelius Brosche and the 145-year-old logistics company FIEGE as a strategic investor. In this combination, we unite the agility and adaptability of a start-up with the experience and security of a family-run company. We specialize in developing data-based solutions together with our customers for a wide range of challenges. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, we set new standards with our innovative product approaches and support our customers on their way to become data-driven companies. We achieve this through our interdisciplinary team of more than 45 data scientists. In addition to computer scientists, statisticians and business economists, physicists, mechanical engineers, mathematicians and lawyers also work at the Westphalia DataLab. Due to the close contact of Professor Dr. Reiner Kurzhals to academia, we can always complement our team with specialized employees.



Cornelius Brosche

Founder & Managing Director

Cornelius Brosche is a specialist for data mining, advanced analytics and big data technologies. Following positions at Porsche AG and the IT consulting division MHP, Cornelius Brosche is currently responsible for the overall operation and software development of the Westphalia DataLab. His vision is an advanced automation of analysis workflows, which gives all companies access to state-of-the-art analysis solutions.

Prof. Dr. Reiner Kurzhals


Prof. Dr. Reiner Kurzhals is an entrepreneur in the field of Big Data Analytics and Professor for Data Science at Münster University of Applied Sciences. After selling his first Big Data company in 2015 to McKinsey & Company, New York, he is currently concentrating on the development of the first fully automated data analysis platform with the Westphalia DataLab.

Hans Georg Averhaus

Managing Director

As an absolute expert in the field of corporate planning & control, Hans Georg Averhaus supports the Westphalia DataLab as commercial managing director in all matters concerning the subject of financial planning. In his position, Hans Georg Averhaus is responsible for all issues related to liquidity, profitability and risk planning & control.

FIEGE Logistik Stiftung

Founder and Strategic Investor

The FIEGE Group, based in Greven, Westphalia, is a leading European logistics company specializing in efficient supply chain solutions. The long-standing company FIEGE is constantly reinventing itself in order to stay up to date in times of digitalization and automation.

Our advisory board

Prof. Dr. Heike Trautmann

After several years in strategic management consulting in Essen, Munich and Düsseldorf, Prof. Dr. Heike Trautmann now heads the Institute for Information Systems at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster.

Heinrich Widera

Formerly Head of Business Information & Technology Services at Roland Berger, Heinrich Widera now works as an independent management consultant.

Carsten Schröder

Member of the Executive Committee of Münster University of Applied Sciences, Vice President for Transfer, Cooperation and Innovation

Prof. Dr. Norman Lahme-Hütig

Professor Dr. Norman Lahme-Hütig lectures at the University of Applied Sciences Münster with a focus on web engineering and in the future also in the field of AI. He has over 20 years of practical experience in the areas of IT architecture, frontend and backend development.

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