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Accuracy of the sales forecast

Cost savings in production


Fields of application

Data-driven identification of the optimal location

  • Find the optimal location for your next production
  • Identification of the optimal alternative location
  • Consideration of all internal restrictions and all external influencing factors
  • Detailed key figures and scores for each alternative location

Reduce rejects & predict machine downtime

  • Identification of influence drivers on rejects in your production
  • Monitoring and early warning system for your machinery
  • Drastic reduction of downtime and maintenance costs

Data-driven route optimization

  • Drive less kilometers, visit more customers
  • Adjust your scheduling to the next level
  • Effective time window management

Forecast sales

  • Daily updated forecast of sales quantities
  • Always know how much goods have to be kept in stock
  • Thanks to an accurate forecast you can plan your personnel deployment optimally

Your Tool

A structured location analysis is necessary in order to be able to make the decision as to where you should optimally set up your new location. With the help of our analytical location tool, you always have an overview of all alternatives and can evaluate them according to various criteria tailored to your needs. This interactive tool considers internal restrictions and external market data in order to analytically evaluate the various alternatives. You can adjust the weighting of the influencing factors according to your needs at any time in order to iteratively approach the optimal location. With the interactive dashboard, all relevant key figures are available at a glance. The standardized and completely integrated tool makes site evaluation and assessment much more transparent and easier to implement.

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