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Accuracy of the sales forecast

Cost savings

Predictability in advance

Fields of application

Central control of sales
  • Selection of campaign participants
  • Central control of company-wide sales activities
  • Early recognition of market changes
  • Sales success visible & measurable
  • Support for long-term strategic decisions
Increase sales

  • Target the right customers with the right product
  • Increased sales per customer
  • Increased customer loyalty through intelligent recommendations
  • Identification of customer requirements

Identify valuable customers

  • Monitoring the performance of your customers based on various analyses and key figures
  • Support of operational and strategic planning

Counteract customer churn

  • Reactivate customers before they cancel
  • Improve average cost of sales
  • Continuous and sustainable improvement in customer satisfaction

Understanding customer segments

  • Segment-specific targeting increases conversion rates
  • Conclusions for your CRM strategy
  • Defining marketing measures

Your Tool

Campaign management is at the heart of your sales cockpit. It serves as a central control unit for all company-wide sales activities. With the help of the intelligent campaign wizard, you have the capability to effectively manage your sales activities by selecting the right customers based on the intelligence of your analyses and then taking appropriate sales measures. By combining all information, you can identify market changes at an early stage, react accordingly and make your sales performance visible and measurable thanks to continuous monitoring. Test our intuitive campaign wizard today


Selection of campaign participants

Based on the results of the analyses, campaign participants can be selected intelligently

User profiles and permissions concept

Down to the store, each employee only sees the information he is allowed to see

Central control of sales activities

The cockpit serves as the basis for strategic decisions and sales management

Early detection of market changes

Market changes quickly become visible through continuous monitoring

Make sales success visible & measurable

The connection to all relevant core systems enables a direct monitoring of the sales process


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